Why a blog?

In July 2015, Mike left private practice and we thought it was a good time to start our family.  Two and a half years later, we’d still really like to start our family, but infertility has delayed our plans…the best laid plans, right?  As we’ve navigated countless appointments, tests, samples given, samples taken, prescriptions, procedures, tears, and laughs, Mike has suggested I/we write a book, track what we’ve gone through and are going through…and so I thought I’d start smaller: why not blog a little bit?

So why start today?  Well, today I filled our IVF prescriptions: because that’s where we’re at.  Our chances of having a baby on our own are inexplicably low.  Why inexplicably?  Because that’s our diagnosis: unexplained infertility.  Great.  If you ever really want to struggle with an issue, try tackling something that is unexplained.  Really?  REALLY?!

…really.  How we got to this point is a series of blog posts for other days, but today the prescriptions are filled, the meds and needles have been ordered (because all of the IVF meds are mail-order only: your local CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid…they don’t carry these medications).  Looking at the calendar, it is estimated I’ll start “stimming” about one month from today, so it feels like the right day to start this little blog.

I’m hoping this blog helps us track what we go through as we start IVF, as well as give us a space to reflect upon and tell the story of what got us here today.  And this is a good space that family and friends (and maybe even some others struggling with infertility?) can see where we’re at emotionally, physically, and get some answers/insight when we don’t answer the phone, respond to texts, or cancel/not commit to/not make plans because the infertile life can be inexplicably hard.  I’m lucky, though, because traveling this journey with Mike has been filled with love and laughter alongside the tears and struggles.  And I’m keeping the faith (most days) that our luck is going to turn in 2018.

so it begins