The Dog Days of Summer

I thought about using Time somewhere in this post’s title, but we’ve been there, done that.  Our last blog post, as written by Mike, was on April 1…it’s been an awfully long time since then, and I’ve had ideas for new posts here and there…I even have a drafted post in my email that I wrote after Mother’s Day (I’ll post that another day), but today’s post is inspired by yesterday’s #NationalDogDay.  So obviously, since April 1, I waited and waited…much like the story of our baby, he/she should be here in 10ish weeks, which seems like such a short time, but the 3.5 years of waiting does not!

Speaking of 10 weeks (more or less), Saturday we celebrated (? marked? noted? reached? ________insert word of choice here) 30 weeks.  30 weeks of pregnancy.  Holy moly.  I almost wouldn’t believe it, if it weren’t for the bad sleep, expanding belly, and constant trips to the bathroom.  Speaking of the bathroom… (a weird segue, I know, but stay with me), last week I said to Mike, “I haven’t been to the bathroom without Charlotte in 2 years”  (her choice, not my doing).  How did I know that?  Well last week was 2 years since I miscarried our only other pregnancy.  The days (because why would something so awful be done and over with quickly in one day?) were filled with emotions…sadness & wonder as I reflected and considered who that baby may have been and what life would be like with a 1.5 year old in the house, awe and hope as I watched my belly move and twitch while our baby practices karate chops and gets the hiccups.  The days were also filled with doggy snuggles with our goldendoodle, much like the days following the miscarriage.

Charlotte has never been a dog who chose only one of us to demonstrate fierce loyalty or protection.  She loves both me and Mike.  But, she accompanies me to the bathroom every time I go upstairs — even if she’s sleeping, she’ll jump up and greet me outside the bathroom door, an escort not provided to Mike.  And in all honesty, she has exhibited this behavior for 2 years now.  She found me miscarrying and crying in the bathroom 2 Augusts ago and hasn’t forgotten, and neither have I.

She’s a special dog and I’m glad that I’ve had this summer to spend with her.  It been so hot and SO humid, and Charlotte the dog and Melanie the pregnant woman have really enjoyed sitting (and sleeping) as close to the AC as possible!  Mike & I have enjoyed setting up for the baby and watching Charlotte explore, sniff, and acclimate to the stroller, bouncer, the crib, the nursery, etc…the 3 of us have been a family for almost 4 years now, and there isn’t a day that goes by that Mike and I don’t talk about how excited we are to see our family grow and to watch Charlotte with our baby.  He/She doesn’t even know what an amazing (albeit furry) big sister is waiting.  And I can’t wait to see all the places they’ll go together (hopefully not just escorting to and from the bathroom) & all the fun they’ll have!